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The impoverished people of the Amazon desperately need your help. Your donation will help purchase medicine and supplies, hold clinics, provide for essential needs, and make sustainable improvements in this remote corner of the world where the poor are too often forgotten.

When you help a sick child or sick adult, you bring joy and hope, and you enable that adult to work and try to climb above the economic, social and emotional stress their family faces each day.

Amazon Promise founder Patty Webster:
CNN Hero and Caring Award Recipient

 Watch Patty's CNN video here.


Read about Patty's Caring Award

Patty Webster Caring Award for two decades of dedication to the Amazon

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 Shamans Market,

where you can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind, collectable, handmade jungle crafts, artworks and jewelry created by the people we serve in remote Peruvian rainforest communities.

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Amazon Promise extends its gratitude for the continued support from the following individuals and organizations:

Donors - 2015

Abundance Foundation Jewel Gibson Network For Good
Alcon Eye-care Products Kathie Greene, MD Amy Pounds
Ann Arbor Rotary Club Lindsey Gakenheimer Anita Parker
James Allison Marnie Giroud Caitlin Peirce
Miguel Arribas Nina Gervais Daniel Pratt, MD
Patrick Apodaca Patrick Grace Kathryn Parle
Rosa Aranzabal Shelley Gordon Nimit Patel
Selva En Accion - PAMS Carol Hall Roberto Paliza, PhD – Fidelity
Charitable Fund
Stephen Andruszkewicz  Carol Hall, Crowdrise Belinda & Eliot Rachman
Tanzim Ahmed Dick and Judy Horstman Fund Cheryle Ramirez, NP
Bonnie Barbee Greg Hodgson Janet Rutkowski
Dave and Dottie Bonnet Ha Na Park Lynn and Steve Ramirez
Gary Brown Hearst Corporation Richard Rohrer, MD
Jeanette Brown, MD Joanne Howard Stephanie Royer, MD
Katie Burford John Hartbert Vic and Caroline Ramirez
Kevin Baldie, MD Margaret Haggerty Vida Reklaitis, MD
Marissa & Donald Bevington Martha Hawker Abigail Scherrer, PA
Paul Baranoski Michael Hauber Anita Soluna
Steve Buchanan Richard Henrickson Catherine Schieve
Adriana Calizaya Roberty Hyzy, MD Cem Soykan, MD and Rhonda Gill
Centura Global Health - Denver Steve Heath Janet Sargent
Community Health Council – Boston ING Financial Services, LLC Jeffrey Schneider
Corin Chuquipiondo Doug Johnston, MD Katharina Schmalstieg, MD
David Craft, PhD Kalvin Johal Khush Shah
Eva Clark, MD Maureen Jack Kristina Server
James Cronk Anne Marie Kemp, RN Lawrence Eyink & Susan Schulman
Janice Craft Antonina Karnaugh Matthew Schenk
Jaqueline Carroll, NP & Dan Eyink, MD Chris and Mary Kerosky Nicole Salakhov
Jenyen Chen Janet and Walter Kenul Shaman’s Market, LLC
Maureen Curley Kevin Karia Toni Standley
Natalie Cohen Kirit Karia Freya Toose
Pam and Tim Chanter Mark Kerr Henni Terness
A.B and P. Dreyer Melissa Knight John Tintinalli
Darlene Darvil Randell Kirsch Karen Tombs-Harling
Dena Dougherty Ronald Kohlman Leonard and Tannie Hyde
Denise Doronila, PA Sally Krasevic Thane Tienson
Elena Deem, PhD Sarita Kenedy East Foundation Toilets for People
Greg Dopulos, MD Tim Kaselitz, MD Bianca Verma
Jonathan Demme Barbara Lynch Jose Luis Valles
Sarah Deem Brenda Lazarus Tan Vo
Teresa Dornellas James Leonard, RN Tara Vu, MD
William and Patricia Denevan John Leonard Amanda Wolfe
Barb Erny, MD Paige Loura Andrew Warshaw, MD
Engineers Without Borders Sonoma Ashley Marron Bonnie Wang
Engineers Without Borders, Central Houston Beth & Joe Mares Bryce, Allen  & Shelley Wolff
Naomi Easton Blanca Elena Medianero, Esq. Eric Wynn
Stephanie Eldred Dorene McCourt Jack (Yack) Swanberg
Adam Frange Drs. Dan & Lindsay MacDougall Jamie Warren, MD
Alana Fruauff George and Betsy Munson Jill Worden
Alyssa Fox John Maxfield, PA Leslie Warshaw
Dr. Robert Fulton Mark and Haleigh Maurice Margaret and Peter Webster
Linda Finn Microsoft Matching Mike Wittke
Drs. Andrew and Gail Goldstein MyThirtyOne Peter Webster, Jr.
Ed and Marlene Glac Nkosi Mason, MD Rachel Wojtylko
Eileen Greffard Phil Markowitz Stephen Winter, MD
Emily Green University of Michigan – Global Reach Susan Webster
Greater Good Organization Emily Novak, RN Juan Carlos Zeballos

These contributions represent gifts and in-kind contributions from Jan. 1, 2015 – Dec. 29, 2015. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any corrections to this list.