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The impoverished people of the Amazon desperately need your help. Your donation will help purchase medicine and supplies, hold clinics, provide for essential needs, and make sustainable improvements in this remote corner of the world where the poor are too often forgotten.

When you help a sick child or sick adult, you bring joy and hope, and you enable that adult to work and try to climb above the economic, social and emotional stress their family faces each day.

Amazon Promise founder Patty Webster:
CNN Hero and Caring Award Recipient

 Watch Patty's CNN video here.


Read about Patty's Caring Award

Patty Webster Caring Award for two decades of dedication to the Amazon

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Gifts & Merchandise

Need a gift?  Visit our Zazzle site to purchase AP t-shirts, mugs, bags etc.

25% of the price goes to helping AP.

You can also visit the Amazon Promise store at the

 Shamans Market,

where you can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind, collectable, handmade jungle crafts, artworks and jewelry created by the people we serve in remote Peruvian rainforest communities.

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Expedition Application Process


I want to go to the Amazon - What do I do now ?

  1. Complete the AP Expedition Volunteer Application and attach copy of current passport.

  2. Medical volunteers: Attach resume and copy of current license/registration. If retired, attach diploma/certificate.

  3. Complete financial information/ Pledge Form and include a minimum $300 deposit or entire expedition pledge. If you paid online, please note this in the payment section of the form.

  4. If you need a letter from Amazon Promise to help you raise funds for your expedition, you must first apply to join a specific team. Upon receipt of your application and deposit, we will forward you an original fundraising letter.

  5. We suggest you purchase trip cancellation insurance through your travel agent.

  6. Inform us of your flight arrangements.

  7. During your expedition, you will be covered by a “SafeTrip” emergency evacuation plan through MEDEX. Cost of coverage is included in your expedition fee. If you wish to extend your coverage to include additional dates, contact MEDEX at (800) 732-5309. For online enrollment, go to www.medexassist.com. Cost is $4.50 per day.

  8. Review your passport expiration date. You must renew your passport if it is due to expire within six months of your international travel date. Passport must have at least one blank page for international stamps (you can apply for additional pages for free). Passports are available within 48 hours if you present tickets, verify date of departure, AND pay an additional FedEx charge for courier service to the US Passport agency. (Applies to U.S. residents only.)

  9. Make appointment with medical professional to review recommended immunizations. If you are going to the Pastaza region, you must have a Yellow Fever vaccine, Hep B vaccine, and up to date Tetanus. You must bring Yellow Fever vaccine documentation, Hep B vaccine documentation, and Tetanus documentation with you before being allowed into the area.

  10. Read and sign Amazon Promise “Release and Notification Form”.

  11. Contact past expedition members with questions or for advice.

  12. Learn some Spanish.

  13. Mail, fax, or email the completed application, pledge deposit, and additional information as indicated above to:

Jacqueline Carroll
Amazon Promise
PO Box #1304
Newburyport, MA 01950
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it