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Volunteer / Medical Outreach Trips

Amazon Promise 

Amazon Promise is a U.S. non-profit organization founded in 1993 to provide desperately needed healthcare in the Upper Amazon Basin of northeastern Peru.

We partner with government agencies, local Peruvian staff and medical providers and traditional medical practitioners, focusing on women’s and family healthcare, community health education and medical training. Through our partnership with Engineers Without Borders, we also install rainwater harvesting systems to ensure access to clean drinking water.

We are a boots-on-the-ground organization that welcomes international medical, non-medical and dental volunteers to work alongside our seasoned American and Peruvian staff. Many volunteers join us as we travel to 32 remote river villages to provide outreach clinics.

Our Peruvian operations, headquartered in Iquitos, are always open to receive patients from jungle communities and provide continuous medical care to  people in need.

Amazon Promise Partnerships

Amazon Promise is a non-religious, apolitical, non-profit organization. We are proud to be affiliated with the following dedicated partners:

Through the Eyes of Celine Cousteau and Patty Webster

A short video by filmmaker Celine Cousteau featuring Amazon Promise at work in Peru.

Note: This film shows indigenous communities that our organization is able to visit infrequently due to their extremely remote jungle locations, which can only be accessed with transportation assistance from the Peruvian military and other government entities. However, most communities that Amazon Promise medical teams work in receive care year round from us.

Where Western and Traditional Medicine Meet 

A short film by journalist and filmmaker Danny Bull that shows the blended approach Amazon Promise takes to healthcare delivery in remote Peru.