Peru Team

Jose Luis Valles

Special Projects Coordinator/Interpreter – Iquitos

Jose has been our primary guide and interpreter since inception. He is also in charge of special projects, including coordination of the Amazon Promise and Engineers Without Borders teams that install rainwater-harvesting systems in villages along the Yarapa River. A graduate of the Peruvian Air Force Jungle Survival School, Jose lives with his family in Iquitos. He’s an avid bird watcher and respected jungle expedition guide.

Segundo Coloma Cahuaza

River Logistics

Segundo Coloma Cahuaza has been with Amazon Promise since its inception. Segundo is in charge of patient registration, river transportation, and clinic setup. Segundo is from the village of San Jose on the Ucayali River.

Adriana Calizaya Lujan

Office Manager – Iquitos

Adriana has been Amazon Promise’s Peruvian-based office manager since 2005. She is responsible for our day-to-day operations in Iquitos, handling patient advocacy, volunteer coordination, assistance with in-country trip preparation and Peruvian Ministry of Health communication.

Blanca Medianero Burga

Legal Council – Lima

Based in Lima, Blanca has been legal council for Amazon Promise since 1996. She specializes in foundations, labor rights and international commerce. She has worked in the public sector for the National Congress Labor Committee, holding the position of general secretary, and was the first woman to be named vice minister of the Ministry of Labor, Peru.

Alter Coloma

Boat Motorista

Alter joined Amazon Promise in 2002. He is the boat motorista for our medical outreach teams and in charge of maintenance. He also works in patient registration during clinics and helps oversee our pharmacy and clinic equipment inventory.

Ricky Coloma


Ricky is in charge of clinic setup and inventory for pharmacy and clinic equipment. He has been with our organization since 2004.

Nancy Bardales


Nancy joined Amazon Promise in 2008 and is our chef extraordinaire. Her delicious jungle meals keep our volunteers happy, healthy and alive! She is from the community of Libertad on the lower Ucayali River.

Nolberto Tangoa

Director of Clinical Laboratory Analysis 

Nolberto is our director of clinical laboratory analysis and head of laboratory service at the Health Center San Juan, Iquitos. He is a specialist in the diagnosis of infectious and tropical diseases. He has worked with Amazon Promise since 2004.

Nolia Chavez Barta

Director of Oral Health 

Nolia is a graduate of the National University of the Peruvian Amazon and has been a practicing private dentist since 2009. She joined Amazon promise in 2010.